"Shams provided me with something I so often miss when dealing with medical practitioners: the sense of being deeply listened to and cared for. She is also has a wealth of information to share. She gave me wonderful treatment and advice that really helped me in dealing with IC. I only wish we were still in the same city!"

—Nancy Heiges, Educator


"Shams Deckter Wesley is a brilliant practitioner. She has a profound understanding of the healing process, along with a loving, caring and compassionate heart. I feel very blessed to know her as a patient and a fellow healthcare professional. I trust her judgment and skills completely, and am grateful to have such an excellent colleague to offer my patients who need acupuncture and herbal therapy."

—John Laird, M.D., physician and founder of Great Smokies Medical Center and Great Smokies Diagnostic Lab


"My work with Shams gave me a gentle space to perceive a deep sadness that I wasn't aware of. Through acupuncture she helped me clear it within a space of absolute love, mercy and tenderness. I highly recommend receiving regular treatments with Shams."

—Camela Widad, singer and songwriter


"Shams is great! I went to see her after five failed fertility treatments, the next cycle after acupuncture got me the most beautiful girl in the World."

—Lisa Kagan, Mama Extraordinaire


"I look forward to going to acupuncture each week! The environment is always relaxed and comfortable. 5 Element Acupuncture has without a doubt changed my life."

--Jenna D., scientist


"Thank you so much for everything you did to help me get pregnant - I know you made a huge difference in my IVF outcome. Your knowledge and compassion make you the perfect acupuncturist for me!"

--J. Robinson


"I requested an acupuncture treatment from Shams with the intention of getting relief from my shoulder pain. I not only received what I hoped for (a decrease in pain and a significant increase in range of motion), but I also received a healing for all of the other parts of my being that are so closely connected to the physical. I experienced Shams as a very strong healer who has a deep understanding of and sensitivity to my emotional needs. Her ability to care for this part of me supported my ability to relax and open to the full benefit of the treatment."

—Linda Resca, teacher and consultant

"Shams provided me with exceptional care. She listened to my concerns attentively. Her treatment helped heal me when western medicine did not. The combination of herbs and acupuncture did the trick! A very warm thank you, Shams."

—Sarra Everett, Mother


"Acupuncture treatments with Shams are unlike any others. Before a treatment she enters a very holy state. Then, with every needle inserted she prays deeply and her prayers penetrate deep into the body. It's a uniquely sacred experience and indescribable. I can't recommend her enough."

—Nura Laird, M.Ed., Dean of the Peace Program at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism


"I began acupuncture over two months ago. I have been suffering from depression, and sleep issues. I noticed after the first week that my depression was lifting and I was sleeping better. Each week Shams and I would discuss where I was with treatment and make a plan to reach my goals. I was hesitant in the beginning, but I feel completely comfortable during my treatment sessions. Shams has made the entire process calm and relaxing. I would recommend Shams to anyone. "



"I have been seeing Shams for acupuncture sessions and cannot say enough about the quality of care, her services and caring nature. She truly listens to you and what is going on with your body and implements a plan for you. I look forward to my appointments knowing I will be cared in a loving environment. "

--Jen M.

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