"Shams is awesome, caring and kind. Her approach is thorough and she was incredibly supportive both emotionally and physically! I would recommend her services whole-heartedly and am so grateful that I got to work with her."

—Alice Huff, patient undergoing an IUI (artificial insemination) 



"I received Shiatsu massage from Shams (made an appointment on a lark) and she quickly accommodated my schedule, and was thorough in her assessment. The offices/healing environment are *beautiful* and inviting. The experience itself - fabulous. Shams "works" at whatever depth is necessary, reads the body/spirit extremely well, and has a calm, warm, grounded touch/demeanor. I felt much lighter and freer afterward! "



"I went to see Shams in the Summer of 2008 when I was trying to get pregnant. At the time, I had been trying for months with no success. Shams was amazing. Immediately I knew that she could help me. By Thanksgiving, I was pregnant. My partner and I have the most beautiful son and it has changed our lives forever. Thank you to Shams for all of your support."

—Amanda Ussery Justice, patient who underwent an IUI (artificial insemination)




"Shams is a truly gifted healer. I have worked with numerous acupuncturists, and my time with her has been most profound - a healing of my body's chronic fatigue and a nurturing of my being." —Ruth McGinnis, Ph.D., psychologist


"A truly wholistic acupuncture experience! I received several treatments from Shams in Atlanta, and found each visit very helpful. She tailors each treatment based on your personal needs and I would highly recommend her."

—Puneet Parmar


"I had the opportunity to get a acupuncture treatment with shams years back after my car accident , and I truly felt great relief after my visit, she was great to work with and very knowledgable about her practice . For anyone who is thinking of acupuncture treatment , I recommend her."

—Anas Mall, entrepreneur


"I had the good fortune to be introduced to Shams during our infertility journey. I found my sessions with her so beneficially--physically and emotionally. Shams is gentle, warm, and kind and can truly relate to the toll unsuccessful family building attempts can take on a person. I cannot recommend Shams enough."

—Stacie Spychalski Buckley, Adoption Consultant


"I went to Shams at a really difficult time in my life, both physically and emotionally. With her expert hands and her gentle, healing spirit, Shams helped me to get better in body and soul. Highly recommend her for all kinds of ailments. Miss you, Shams!"

Ieva Padgett, mother


“I wanted to thank you for everything you did to help accomplish my ultimate goal of getting pregnant. I feel so lucky and blessed, and I know in my heart that you played a huge part in helping me get pregnant. I will remember and cherish this time for the rest of my life. Thank you for everything.”

—Ann Richardson, entrepreneur, a patient who got pregnant naturally after an unsuccessful IVF procedure


"Dr. Wesley is an exceptional healer - I was under her care for fertility treatment, and she was compassionate, thorough, and knowledgable. I would highly recommend her."

—Sarah Baugh, photographer


"Shams is a true healer! She has vast knowledge about acupuncture and truly cares about her clients. Her insights and recommendations are always spot on. She is also a truly radiant spirit wanting to share her light! I loved it when she had her practice in Atlanta, and miss her very much."

—Shaya Jivana


"10 years ago I quit smoking using the patch. About 10 days in my lungs were terribly junky. Addiction being what it is my brain kept saying, "If you'd just have one cigarette, this will go away." I had never tried accupunctre, but knew Shams through a business group and asked for her help. Shams to the rescue! In perhaps 5 min of acupuncture my lungs cleared and I have never looked back. No pain. No junkiness and best of all a new non-smoking life. Book with her, you won't be sorry."

—Tina Spring


"Shams is more than and acupuncturist. If you have the opportunity to go see her for treatment, Do It!!!!!!!. I only wish she was still in my area. All other practitioners pale in comparison. 
I feel lucky to have had her knowledge in my life at any point. Go see her!"

—Robin O'Donnell, Social Worker


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