I came to Shams after suffering an ectopic pregnancy. I was scared and confused, not too sure of the next steps. Shams was knowledgeable, comforting, and helpful during those first few months. She let me know what was going on in my body and calmed my fears, helping me understand what my body was doing to heal and what I should and shouldn't be doing as I progressed towards trying to conceive again.


In my weekly sessions, Shams would listen and assess my progress with patience and knowledge, administering the acupuncture in various spots depending on her assessment. 


Once I was able to start trying for a baby again, it took just a few months before we conceived! I am at 10 weeks, and still visiting Shams to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Her aptitude for fertility acupuncture and ability to help us get beyond the ectopic and into a healthy pregnancy will never be forgotten."

- Christine A., administrator

"Shams was completely reassuring that my physical symptoms were not in my head. She was able to increase my energy levels which improved my overall well being. I stopped rationing my energy and began to enjoy being more productive and creative again. I will always treasure her love and encouragement. "

-- Diane H., minister-in-training


 "I was 8 days over due to deliver my son, when I decided that I should give acupuncture a try. I found Shams online and she saw me that night. Within several hours of getting home I went into labor. Shams was great! She was just what I needed to get things started! I would recommend her to anyone. "

--Jill C.


"Shams is an amazing healer. I have been seeing her for a variety of health issues over the last year. From the calming environment at her office, to the time she spends at the beginning of the session to discuss what issues are going on before treatment.I highly recommend her! "

--Jennifer Y.


"I was recommended to Shams from a friend and moving to her was the best thing! I love going to see her because she provides excellent care. She knows what she is doing and cares about YOU, no rushing you in and out for the next patient. The space, including her is peaceful. I highly recommend her!! "



"Dr. Shams is a gifted healer. She works to educate and inform the patient. She listens deeply and is intuitive enough to perceive what her patients need. She provides uniquely helpful healing solutions for me that I did not find through other kinds of treatment. I am glad she was referred to me so highly, and I too recommend her with absolute enthusiasm."

--Gayatri S., College Professor

"I visited Shams for a sciatic nerve problem. I had never undergone acupuncture before and had concerns. She was wonderful in walking me through the process and ensuring my treatment was safe and comfortable. I left the first visit with the biggest smile I had felt in years. A tremendous amount of bad energy had left my body and with additional visits along with recommended supplements, my leg and back haven't hurt in months. While no longer in pain, I'm hoping to make another visit soon to keep my focus on positive things. You should get to know this gifted healer".

--Keefa E.


"Shams Wesley is an extremely well-trained practitioner who couples skill with heart. Treat issues not symptoms! Forget pills and traditional medicine. Get your issues resolved. And she's made acupunture affordable. Ask her to speak to your group about health and wellness; they'd be enlightened and empowered. I bet she would do it. Our healthcare industry needs more people like Shams who doesn't buy in to pharmaceuticals and is into HEALING."

--M. Gordon


"I've been a client of Shams for over 2 years. I've had great results with acupuncture for nausea and relaxation. Shams is a caring, perceptive, and intuitive practioner. Highly recommended!"

--J. Donatuti, attorney


"As a newbie to acupuncture, I went to Shams out of curiosity and hoping to clear up a bum shoulder and regulate my menstrual cycle. Despite my initial apprehension about being stuck full of needles, I found her work to be relatively painless and most of all, highly effective. Shams is professional, compassionate, and highly knowledgeable about Eastern medicine. I would happily recommend her to anyone!:

--P.atricia T.


"Shams Deckter Wesley's skills as a practitioner are without equal. During and after her treatments I always felt safe, comfortable, and willing to explore places inside myself that really needed healing. She helped facilitate this healing in a gentle, light-filled and complete manner. Most importantly, though, Shams insight in acupuncture and Chinese herbs helped cure a 2-year chronic condition. Again, she is without equal as a healing practitioner."

—Craig Carpentieri, educator

"I have been going to Shams at Thrive Wellness Center for a year now. Over this year, not only has my health improved, but my outlook on life as relates to my wellness, nutrition, and emotional stability has too. If you are looking for the typical Acupuncture experience, then go elsewhere. What Shams offers is much more. It's is a personalized health intervention. She truly cares more then any other healthcare professional I've ever been treated by, and thanks to her, I have made Acupuncture a weekly part of my mind and body health routine. Shams truly is one of a kind and I could not recommend her more."

- Keri K., fertility patient

"I've been seeing Shams Wesley for acupuncture treatments for about four weeks and she has helped me tremendously. She is such a sweet soul, very caring and understanding. Her treatments have truly helped me to feel more emotionally stable and balanced throughout my days. Dr. Wesley not only provided me with a holistic and personalized approach to health, but also with valuable insight that I have implemented in my daily life. I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with anxiety, balancing emotions, acne, or anything in between."

 - Olivia R., student

"I started seeing Shams in August after trying to get pregnant for 1 year. After 2 rounds of Clomid, awful side effects, a lot of stress and no results, I decided to try something different and found Shams. She listened to me, came up with a plan, and 3 months later I am nearing the end of the first trimester. Shams is caring, kind, professional, and effective. Her treatments helped me achieve a dream that western medicine did not and I would encourage anyone with fertility issues to have an open mind and give Shams and acupuncture a chance before trying the medicines that have such bad side effects."



"I would not be pregnant right now if it were not for Shams. My husband and I tried to get pregnant on our own for about two years and then started seeing an infertility specialist in August 2011. I was diagnosed with PCOS appearing ovaries, but all other tests showed nothing wrong. They tried medicine regulate my cycles, then we moved into hormones, and finally we tried two unsuccessful rounds of IUIs in January and February of 2012. Although I liked the people at the office, I was tired of the hormones, blood work, and doctor's visits and decided to take a break from everything. 


Then in July I decided to try acupuncture with Shams. One of the nurses had recommended acupuncture when I decided to take a break, and I liked Shams' website and approach. My first appointment was July 14, 2012 and I immediately felt comfortable and cared for. She focused not just on my body, but also on my mental and emotional roadblocks to pregnancy. I had one more appointment with her before I went on vacation - and we conceived while on vacation!!! Of course we didn't find out until weeks later, which included more treatments and support from Shams, but it was such a blessing to be able to celebrate our miracle. Like I said, I am completely convinced that we would not be pregnant without her and I am so grateful for her support - she listens, she advises, and she does not judge. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with infertility!"

—Sara T., Educator 


“Thank you for all you’ve done for me. I truly believe that acupuncture had a huge impact on becoming pregnant, my pregnancy, the birth process, and the overall well-being of my daughter and myself. I believe that acupuncture would be beneficial for any pregnant woman.”

—Shontel Loyal-Crawmer, armed forces officer, a non-ART patient

"After suffering (well over 2 years) from debilitating menopause symptoms - such as hot flashes, being weepy all the time and terribly moody, in addition to horrendous insomnia, I saw Dr. Shams Wesley. After only 3 treatments I have had complete relief, it is truly amazing!!!

Dr. Wesley was wonderful to work with...I cannot overstate how professional, gracious and caring everyone was, not to mention the gorgeous decor and treatment rooms.  I am eternally grateful to Dr. Wesley and Thrive...I finally have my life back!!!

 - Linda C.

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