How Acupuncture Can Help You


I love acupuncture, shiatsu, herbs, and Chinese Medicine (CM). I have been in love with them since 1995, when I first saw a poster of the energy meridians on the wall of a shiatsu practitioner. When I saw the energy channels and the acupuncture points I said: WHAT IS THAT? Elsi (my practitioner told me and I replied: WOW!!! I must learn everything about that!


And so it began.


Since that day my love for acupuncture and Chinese medicine has only increased. It is so beautiful, so deep, and so comprehensive. It is spiritual and elegant and at the same time incredibly practical and down-to-earth.


As a tradition, it contains the accumulated wisdom of thousands of practitioners who have practiced over thousands of years. It is an immense body of knowledge that spans all aspects of human life and existence.


I feel so blessed to be part of this tradition. Not only because it is so amazing, but because it is so helpful.


Chinese medicine helps so many people--millions of people receive acupuncture every day. And I know that it can help you.


Whatever physical complaints you have--acute or chronic, mild or maddening--the therapies we use in Chinese medicine: acupuncture, Chinese herbs, bodywork (shiatsu massage), injections, cupping, gua sha, etc., can create almost instantaneous relief.


No one wants to live in discomfort, and no one should. Living with a chronic condition can severely impact quality of life, even if it's not debilitating. Any way in which oour bodies don't function properly makes us feel bad mentally and emotionally. Which just adds fuel to the fire.


You might be experiencing something like this:


You get up out of your chair and your ________ (fill in the blank) hurts. You think, "Ach! That ________ (fill in the blank)! I don't want it to hurt like this. I don't want to feel bad. I'd like to _______ (fill in the blank) but I don't think I can because of this _____ (fill in the blank). 


And while you're having that internal conversation, you may be feeling sad, angry, hopeless, despondent, numb, empty, frustrated, grief (over the loss of that functionality), and lacking in mercy for yourself and your body. 


All together, it's a mess. It's a mess in your body, in your head, and in your heart. But don't despair, because acupuncture really can help. 


There are many, many research studies that prove acupuncture's effectiveness. Thousands of people in the U.S. receive acupuncture every day. Insurance is even starting to cover it in some states. Acupuncture works. It's that simple.


Chinese herbs, shiatsu massage, injections, are all extremely helpful, as well. I think of them like the tools I have in my toolbox. Sometimes, an injection will be more effective than an herbal formula. Using the right tool for the right job is essential, and that's why I'm the expert. I know exactly what my tools can do and how to best use them to benefit you.


If you have any questions about acupuncture or Chinese medicine, please leave a comment below. Or share your experiences with acupuncture.


Many blessings to you as you enjoy this beautiful week in October! xxxooo


Acupuncture and its compatriots are especially beneficial to the emotions. If you are depressed, anxious, unhappy, moody, sad, angry, hurt, scarred, acupuncture can help you to feel better.




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