We have two ways to help you lose weight: mesotherapy and lipotropic injections. Mesotherapy helps you lose weight in specific areas--it's very localized--while lipotropic injections speed up your metabolism so that you can lose all of the weight you wish.




Mesotherapy is most effective when received regularly over the course of 12-20 weeks. The length of treatment depends upon how much weight you wish to lose. 


When Dr. Shams performs mesotherapy she begins by applying warm towels to the area you'd like to work on. This helps the fat to loosen and become more malleable. Then, she injects a vitalizing cocktail of homeopathic ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances into the specified area. This proprietary blend of ingredients melts away fat and detoxifies the system so that you can be at your best.


After the injections, Dr. Shams performs a 5-minute massage in the area to help the tissue to absorb the injectables.


Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic injections speed up your metabolism, give you more energy, and ensure you have the trace minerals critical for losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.


These intramuscular injections are given in the deltoid muscle near the shoulder or on the back of the hip. For optimal results, these injections should be spaced no further than 48-72 hours apart. That's how long a lipotropic injection stays in your system.


If you are not diligent about the timing of your lipotropic injections, you will not achieve the results you are looking for.


Lipotropic injections and mesotherapy work hand-in-hand to help you achieve your ideal weight. 


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