Most of the pharmaceuticals used today are derived from plants. Why? Because everyone recognizes the healing power of plants. The Chinese have been using plants as medicine for thousands of years, and it is still a very important part of their healthcare.


In Chinese herbal medicine plants are used in combination and are known as herbal formulas. 



The number of herbal formulas is limited only by the number of plants in existence. There are hundreds of classical herbal formulas that have been used for thousands of years and are still in use today. These formulas are treasured as the brilliant legacies of ancient masters.


The father of Chinese herbal medicine was Shen Non, a legendary emperor who is also considered the originator of agriculture and the inventor of the plow. Peter Eckman, in his book In the Footsteps of the Yellow Emperor, relates the following about Shen Non:


He is reputed to have gained his knowledge by self-experimentation, in which he poisoned himself up to eighty times a day..[He had] a magical whisk which revealed if plants were poisonous or not, and also disclosed their nature...[and] a transparent body that allowed him to see how each herb affected the different parts inside his body. If an organ became poisoned, he could see it, and neutralize [it].


This is just one example of the Chinese herbalists' mastery. They completely understood the laws of nature, lived within them, and helped others to do the same. 


Herbs Today

Today, Chinese herbal formulas take many forms. Some practitioners prescribe raw, dried herbs to be cooked into a tea. Others prescribe pre-made formulas in the form of pills, capsules, tinctures or powders. What makes herbalism extremely powerful is the herbalist's ability to modify formulas to fit the needs of each individual's condition. 


What to Expect 

I modify many of the formulas I prescribe because I understand that your body, mind, heart and spirit are unique. The herbal formula is carefully prepared according to precise specifications and mailed directly to your preferred address.


If you'd like a customized herbal formula, schedule a one-hour consultation. Thereafter, you will need to schedule a 30-minute consultation at least once a month for as long as you wish to receive herbal treatment.


The cost of a consultation does not include the cost of the herbs. Herbs generally cost between $10-$25 per week, depending on the amount and form needed. 


Check Insurance Coverage

Click here to enter your insurance information and we'll let you know if we can bill your insurance. Insurance generally does not cover the cost of the herbs themselves, but it may cover the cost of the office visit. 


Initial Consultation: $50

Follow-Up Consultation: $25

Herbs: Cost varies and is in addition to the consultation fee.

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What's Next?

After you make your first appointment online or via phone or email, you will receive a confirmation email with the office address and a map, important information relevant to your treatment, and a copy of the new patient paperwork. Bring your completed new patient paperwork to your first appointment. or plan to arrive at your appointment 15 minutes early.


I sincerely and enthusiastically look forward to meeting you soon! 




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