You already know that acupuncture is great for pain, fatigue, depression, and so much more. But you don't have insurance that will pay for acupuncture and it's too expensive to fit into your budget on a regular basis. What should you do?

Try our low-cost group acupuncture!

Picture it: You and other like-minded people are relaxing in a room together. The lights are dim and relaxing music is playing in the background. As each person receives acupuncture, he or she immediately begins to relax. The group rests peacefully for about 45 minutes until the session is over.

During this type of treatment you receive acupuncture on the head, arms, and/or legs. There are entire styles of acupuncture that use only points in these areas. Everyone remains fully clothed in comfortable, loose clothing. 

Each session costs only $35. There is an additional $10 set-up fee the first time you come.

I strongly recommend you reserve a spot, because seating is limited and it's first come, first served. Walk-ins are welcome for as long as space is available.


Initial Consultation and Treatment: $40​

Follow-Up Treatment: $30

We do not bill insurance for group acupuncture.

Reserve Your Spot

Note: You cannot reserve a group acupuncture spot online. You must call or email us.


(561) 762-3600


shams (at) shamswesley.com

What's Next?

After you reserve your spot, arrive at the office at 2:15 pm on Saturday to fill out the new patient paperwork. Or, download the paperwork, fill it out at home, and bring it with you at 11:00 am on Saturday. 

I sincerely and enthusiastically look forward to meeting you soon! 



Sunshine Acupuncture

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