What is Community Acupuncture? 

Community acupuncture is offered in a group setting, for a price that is usually $25-$40, while people recline or sit comfortably on a chair or a couch. Everyone is fully clothed and the acupuncturist stimulates points on the head, ear, forearm, hand, lower leg, and foot.

There are some unique benefits to using community acupuncture over private acupuncture. 

1. Community acupuncture is widely accessible because it is affordable and convenient.

Community acupuncture makes acupuncture available to people who:


  • Don't have insurance which covers acupuncture,

  • Have a high deductible,

  • Suffer from conditions that require frequent or ongoing treatment,

  • Are experiencing a difficult financial situation.

A recent study demonstrates that people are choosing

community acupuncture

for its greater affordability,

allowing people to receive more treatments.


In this 2012 study, people sought community acupuncture for the same conditions for which people seek private acupuncture sessions: back pain, joint pain, and depression. And it was equally effective.

2. Community acupuncture increases feelings of happiness.

Community acupuncture creates the opportunity for you to meet new people. Did you know that:


Research shows that

after speaking with a stranger 

you experience greater feelings of happiness

than you would have otherwise.


Even when you thought

you would be happier not interacting!


This research was performed by Nicholas Epley and Juliana Schroeder in 2014. We are social creatures, yet we deny ourselves the joy of connection. Why?

3. Community acupuncture combats loneliness,
a proven cause of inflammation.

We often feel lonely, separate, and isolated. This is especially true for people who have experienced trauma, addiction, and chronic illness. 

Research shows that loneliness disrupts the immune system

and creates a greater likelihood of inflammation

the cause of many diseases,

including heart disease. 

This was discovered In a 2013 social psychology study. 

4. Community acupuncture offers all the benefits of one-on-one acupuncture.


Research  shows that acupuncture:

  • Helps your immune system work better.

  • Increases circulation everywhere, especially to wounds.

  • Energizes your cells and tissues

  • Increases endorphins (they make you feel happy and reduces pain)

  • Calms the nervous system, helping anxiety and pain

  • Balances the way the nervous system reports and perceives pain

  • Decreases inflammation, a proven cause of pain, depression, and cancer.

  • Detoxifies your cells and tissues

5. Community Acupuncture Accesses Greater Healing Power

When people receive healing in a group, it is often more powerful than when a single person receives healing. One person can attract and manifest a certain amount of healing energy. However, when 2 or more people receive healing together, the power of the energy they attract and manifest increases exponentially. 

There's a bit of Sufi spiritual wisdom that says the blessings received by those who pray together is 26 times the blessings received by the one who prays alone. Another bit of Sufi spiritual wisdom describes the angels as circling in the heavens, looking for groups of people who are remembering God and asking for healing. When the angels see these groups of people, they call for more angels to join them, and they create layers upon layers of healing.