Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most commonly used medical procedures in the world. Originating in China thousands of years ago, acupuncture stimulates specific points on the body to facilitate healing. The evidence that acupuncture works has been demonstrated by the dozens of research articles published around the world.


What is 5 Element Acupuncture?
Why is it special? 

Five element acupuncture is the classical method of acupuncture handed down orally from master to student, from antiquity. It reflects the tradition of acupuncture as practiced before communist China. 

The 5 element tradition carries unique knowledge of the ways in which people develop physically, mentally and emotionally. It treats the root of your problem, not just your symptom, so that you truly heal. 

You are completely unique—5 element medicine understands the how you became the person you are today, and it has the knowledge required to restore and maintain your balance. 

Preventative Care 

Five element acupuncturists are trained to closely observe the subtle energetic signs that precede illness. We constantly reveal our imbalances through subtle vocal qualities, facial colorations, natural body odors, and habitual emotional states. 

If you are relatively healthy, receiving 5 element acupuncture on a biweekly or monthly basis can prevent new conditions from forming. For this reason, 5 element acupuncture is ideal for preventative care and health maintenance. 

Additionally, 5 element acupuncture heightens self-awareness. As treatment progresses you will begin to observe your energetic cycles and patterns. Having this awareness empowers you to make decisions which better serve your health, your relationships, and your life’s purpose. 

How Does Acupuncture Jupiter Work? 

Ancient Asian masters discovered that there is a vital life force that permeates everything, all of life. They called this life force Qi (pronounced chee).

Qi runs in channels throughout your body as rivers run through the earth, nourishing your cells and tissues. Acupuncture drains qi from areas where it is stagnant or constrained and strengthens qi in areas that are tired or empty. The places where qi gathers within the meridians were deemed acupuncture points. By accessing your qi through the points where it is most accesible, acupuncture harmonizes and balances the basic energy on which your entire body and mind live.

Tools of the Trade

Acupuncture needles are thin, fine as a hair, and solid. I only use single-use, sterile, disposable needles. Most patients report feeling a range of sensations when needled - some describe it as completely painless, while others feel a prick, a sting, or a surge of energy.

Moxabustion is a process where an herb named "moxa," (otherwise known as artemesia or Chinese mugwort) is burned on or near acupuncture points. Moxabustion is an important and frequently used practice in five element acupuncture. Its benefits include:

  • Raising your general energy level and metabolism

  • Warming areas that are cold

  • Moving energy that is constrained or tight

  • Nourishing and calming the heart and spirit


Ion Cords were developed by Dr. Yoshio Manaka. They use different metals and polarities to enhance your body's natural healing abilities. I clip them to acupuncture needles after they have been inserted.

The Manaka Hammer, also developed by Dr. Yoshio Manaka, is a small, light hammer used to gently tap points at specific rates.

Electric Stimulation enhances the effect of the needles. There is very little sensation associated with this additional therapy, and it gives great benefit.

Cupping is another traditional acupuncture therapy. Cupping is a treatment in itself, and I often combine it with acupuncture or shiatsu. To read more about cupping click here.

What to Expect

I offer both individual and group sessions as a way of providing acupuncture at the level you need. 

Individual Treatments 

During individual treatments, you are the only patient being treated. Your initial treatment will last 60-90 minutes and it consists of an interview, physical exam, and an acupuncture session. It is designed to give you ample opportunity to speak about your concerns at length and for me make appropriate recommendations. Each treatment thereafter lasts 45-60 minutes. 

Please come to your first session with your paperwork completed (which you can download below), and the bottles for all medications, vitamins and other supplements you are currently taking. If possible, refrain from wearing makeup and perfume. 

Group Treatments

During group treatments, there is more than one patient being treated while you are in the office. During a group treatment everyone stays fully clothed and relaxes in a silent, darkened, relaxing space. Group treatments last approximately 45 minutes. Click here to learn more about group treatments.

Check Insurance Coverage

Click here to enter your insurance information and we'll let you know if we can bill your insurance for acupuncture and bodywork services. Even if your plan doesn't offer an acupuncture or Asian bodywork benefit, we still may be able to bill for the office visit.


Initial Consultation and Treatment: $99

Follow-Up Treatment: $70

5-Treatment Package: $280 (20% discount)

Group - Initial Consultation and Treatment: $40

Group - Follow-Up Treatment: $30

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What's Next?

After you make your first appointment online or via phone or email, you will receive a confirmation email with the office address and a map, important information relevant to your treatment, and a copy of the new patient paperwork. Bring your completed new patient paperwork to your first appointment. or plan to arrive at your appointment 15 minutes early.


I sincerely and enthusiastically look forward to meeting you soon! 



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