The five elements used as the basis for 5 Element Acupuncture are five main energies that naturally emerge from the One (Tao, Unity, God, Spirit, etc.). Everything in creation is a direct manifestation of one or more of the elements. 


The best way to understand the origin of the five elements is to understand what "five" is on an energetic level, i.e., how it is a natural development of 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5.



Originally, there was One. This can also be known as God, the Tao, Spirit, Unity, the Great Spirit, or any way of looking at the world as originating from Oneness.


Then, there were 2. Any way of looking at the world that includes polarity, i.e. this or that, yin or yang, etc., is part of the two-space. When 1 became 2, it didn't lose its Oneness. The Oneness remains deep inside the two, and you can access it by transcending two.


Then, there were 3 (you can see where this is going by now, right?). Any way of looking at the world as 3 is part of the three-space. Three-space can be defined as what naturally arises when in an intimate relationship (which is 2). It's no longer me and you (2). Now it's me, you and our relationship (3). Three is the number of creativity and dynamic interaction. It moves. Things happen quickly in three-space.


Then, there was 4. Four is now coming into more entrenched definition - it's no long the creative, dynamic movement of 3. Now life is solid, and it includes the process of making distinctions and naming things. This is a chair, which is distinctly different than a table (4). It's no longer one of the possibilities of something to place people or items on (3). Once you start to name things they've lost their fluidity. And with this comes the possiblity of loss and death. 


Then, there was 5. Five is even more specific than 4, but is also less stable (and more dynamic) because it's an odd number. Five is all about inter-relationships (like 3) but in the larger venue of an ecology. It's your family dynamics. It's the reality of seeing how the destruction of the rainforests affects world ecology.


Eventually, it will affect all local areas.


Five element medicine is concerned with your inner ecology, the relationships within your body, mind and spirit. Five element acupuncture, herbs and shiatsu balance your inner world, helping everything to work together in health and harmony.


The five elements create the seasons and other aspects of nature, and they operate according to specific natural laws. Their relationships with each other are intimate, delicate, and precise. Five element acupuncture's knowledge of how the elements relate and its techniques to balance them makes it incredibly powerful - it excels at balancing your unique inner ecosystem, creating health and wellness for your entire being.


Elements Overview

The five elements are water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.


Water manifests as winter, and it empowers you with the wisdom to use your resources wisely. Your water element provides the will to manifest your destiny, and it is the seed of your potential. It gives you the capacity to sink into the depths of silence, as well as the cleverness needed to adapt and survive. 


Wood manifests as spring, and it imparts the vision, perspective, and long range planning needed to achieve your goals. Your wood element gives you growth, creativity, flexibility, and the capacity to heal. A balanced Wood element has the wise judgment to know when to move forward and when to retreat.


Fire manifests as summer, and it helps you to fully blossom into maturity. Your fire element contains the warmth and safety needed for you to give and receive love, and it helps you feel connected with the people around you. The fire element’s joyful nature help you to celebrate life to the fullest.


Earth manifests as late summer and the transition time between seasons. Your earth element nurtures, mothers, and supports others for the sake of world service. Earth's empathetic nature allows you to feel the pain and suffering of others with compassion.


Metal manifests as autumn, and it aids in the relinquishment of attachments to the material world. Your metal element receives the purity of heavenly qi as you breathe, and helps you let go of the impurities you no longer need. Your metal element contains the mirror within the heart which is necessary for self-awareness. Metal helps you to your own true worth and the true value of others. 


Elemental Correspondences 

In the subtle energetic realms that interpenetrate the physical world, each element is constantly transmitting its own frequency in service to the Tao (the One, God, Spirit, etc.). Each element is singing its own song. As the songs blend together and move into denser realms, creation is born.


The elements physically manifest in ways that are characteristic of their intrinsic natures. The aspects of earthly life associated with each element are known as correspondences. For instance, some of the water element correspondences include:







Can you feel how they all have the same root and are energetically associated? These are four of the "songs" of the water element. Naturally, each song can have an almost infinite number of variations. 


Constitutional Factor (CF)

Five element masters observed that we each have a strong affinity with one of the five elements from birth. We resonate with one element primarily, continuously living in its energetic world. The element you resonate with most is called your constitutional factor (c.f.). 


Your c.f. is the source of your greatest virtues. The strengths of that element are the root of your most prominent natural gifts. Similarly, the ways in which that element becomes imbalanced are the ways in which you become imbalanced, as well. 


Your c.f. is the path through your greatest challenges, and its virtues lead you to true healing and the realization of your destiny. When you receive treatment on the meridians associated with your c.f., your acupuncturist supports you in transforming the deepest roots of any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual illness. 




To learn more about the elements and how they manifest uniquely within you...
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